As the papers will be published as peer-reviewed ones, they will be checked by at least two reviewers to ensure that they satisfy the following points. The paper (1) matches the theme(s) of the conference, (2) contains content not published in other papers or articles, (3) is not for commercial purpose, (4) contains technical information useful to readers, (5) is reliable in content,  (6) is clearly described in terms of its background, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion, (7) contains no logical contradictions, and (8) is well presented (language expressions, etc.).

Authors must agree to the following.
(1) The papers will be distributed as proceedings and published on the web site.
(2) The responsibility and copyright for the content of the paper rests with the author(s).

- Abstract deadline: 30 September 2023 Deadline extended: 31 October 2023
- Full paper deadline: 14 April 2024

Files showing the paper formats for submission can be downloaded below; please download these files, replace words and prepare your paper.